Fallsview Casino

Haunted High

Set design for a halloween event set in a haunted high school
Table design for a vip event at a casino
A library built to look like it belonged in a haunted school
Small set designed to look like a locker room of an abandoned school
A backdrop designed and built to look like a home ec room in a haunted high school

client Fallsview Casino

show Haunted High

capabilities Design/Build

location YYZ

When Fallsview Casino called us to design and build the set for the annual Halloween dinner everyone in our office was excited. “Haunted High” was going to take all of us back to our home-grown theater roots.

We engaged our designer to sketch renderings of the classic classrooms: home economics, shop class, the library and so many more. The set design was developed over two months sharing a number of different renderings for the client. Then we split the project apart and spread it across our Toronto construction managers. They had to create construction drawings for over 10 different rooms. After that, it was time for our carpenters to take over. They combined rental flats with custom set decoration to match the renders. And finally, our painters turned unfinished wood into some incredibly spooky locales!

This was a unique opportunity for us. It combined our project management chops with our creative carpenters and the results were outstanding.

For a time-lapse of the entrance install, click here.