Estee Lauder

Jo Malone Brit Marmalade Launch

Wicker picnic basked filled with blue gingham linens, plates, and assorted snacks for an influencer marketing campaign
Three jam jars stacked
Collage of picnic photos for an influencer marketing campaign
Perfume jams and cordials displayed for an influencer marketing campaign
Fragrances staged in a picnic basket

client Estee Lauder

show Jo Malone Brit Marmalade Launch

capabilities Strategize/Execute

location YYZ

In the middle of the COVID pandemic, we received a phone call from Estee Lauder. They were launching the Brit Marmalade Collection for Jo Malone and wanted to take advantage of the new unboxing trend that had immerged due to the lockdown. Embracing the British brand, their strategy was to create a bespoke delivery for influencers across Canada. With a plan to evoked a local British village fete complete with warm sunshine, bunting blowing in the wind, and gingham-covered picnic tables. The goal of this unique influencer marketing campaign was to reach their customers organically through social media platforms.

Since the fragrances were based on marmalade scents, we sourced a jam company that would create custom recipes provided to us by head office. These included: orange and lavender marmalade, rhubarb bergamot jam, and rose and lychee jam. Accompanying the jam were scones, of course, as well as seeded bread. A bottle of Elderflower cordial was provided in place of tea to round out the fragrances. All these perishables were wrapped to our client’s exacting standards and samples were provided throughout the process.

This delicious bounty of food was nestled in a gorgeous wicker picnic basket lined with on-brand blue gingham linens. These portable picnic baskets included cutlery, plates, and cordial glasses for a luxurious meal enjoyed in the sunshine. We positioned the client’s 5 bottles of their scents in amongst the other items. Our creative team worked closely with the brand to ensure that each and every item was placed in the perfect position as we were packing the baskets.

Once the baskets were sourced and assembled, Production Canada used our resources from across the country to ensure they were delivered with the same care in which they were packaged. Fourteen lucky people received these beautiful baskets in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. We used our logistical prowess to assemble, ship, and delivery these baskets in a coordinated effort so that the influencers were all posting on the exact same day.

The influencer marketing worked exactly as planned and we spent most of the day watching the organic reach grow throughout social media. We were delighted to watch the unboxing by each influencer as they discovered all the goodies in their Jo Malone Brit Marmalade Picnic Basket. If you have a project in mind that requires unique bespoke boxes, then please reach out. Our creative department would love the opportunity to work with your team!