Why We Do It

At The Production Agency, we genuinely believe that we can make a difference to our world of events and activations.

A small group of people pushing a forklift on a grassy field

We are a team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and creative people. The reason we come to work every day is because we are passionate about being challenged. We strive for new and diverse projects to bring out our creativity, and truly believe that putting our dedication and knowledge to work to make something spectacular is the ultimate in creativity.

More from our team

I love to design and build, the whole process of taking the Clients concept through to fabrication and build is exciting and fulfilling, that’s why I come in to work every day, it’s always new and different and a new challenge. Exceeding the client’s expectations is the goal, without breaking the company!

Paul Chilton


I see the inherent value in art and creativity being put into the world, in whatever form they take. And it turns out that I love, and excel at, facilitating the art and creativity of others… I get out of bed in the morning and go to work in this crazy business because when I sit down with a client to talk about an event, I get to foster and strengthen creative ideas — and by doing so, that creativity is able to go into the world and flourish.

Sarah-Jane Patterson


I love the process. I love taking the ideas in its inception, figuring out how to put the ideas into reality, then assembling its parts, tinkering the details, winding it up, and then watching it go. I love watching the machine run. Contributing to what keeps all of the parts running smoothly is in itself a reward; the fact that the machine happens to produce pure magic is why I do it.

Dominic Manca